Capital one Crystal

Stevie Meder founded agency, ITEM presented artist KAZ Shirane’s “Roomy Balloon,” as an experiential art installation in collaboration with iHeartRadio and sponsored by Capital One and [renamed the Capital One Crystal.]

KAZ Shirane is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and Universidad Europea de Madrid where he majored in architecture, and is recognized for his work in spatial and interior installation artwork. 

Artist KAZ Shirane has come up with a method of interactive spacial design where “The designer of this space is you,” [referring to the guests whom enter the experience.] He has created a series of art experiences installed all over the world, including “WINK Space” in Japan, “Light Origami” in Sydney, Australia, and “Evolve” in New York City.

“Roomy Balloon” is KAZ’s fourth installation in the United States and the most personal. This installation is the first to be designed specifically to create intimate space, where instead of having a shared experience the user creates their own experience to share.

With such a vast group of world renowned talent, the collaboration with iHeartRadio music festival is a perfect opportunity to highlight the power of this concept. Each entertainer who brings their strong, visual aesthetic will only serve to elevate the experience's impact with each stop. 


Designed specifically to share.